At the end of week 2 of a large portion of the nation now working from home and since Monday on lockdown, many of us are taking a toll on the impact of the changes on life and how we are adapting.  

Unsurprisingly this has put pressure on the telecoms network and on the need for the operators to deliver the increase in demand.  

Interestingly though, whereas all are eyeing increase usage due to more internet usage, impacts on 5G deployment, etc. and there is a large amount getting written on this, it is the very analogue voice calls that seem to have put most strain on the system.  Showing that in this time of physical social distancing, we, as humans, still need to stay close to each other and the warmth of the sound of voice, if not perfect, is the next best thing and can carry more than the written word.

In the coming weeks (months?), communications will be key to maintain not just the economy going as best as it can but also generally the threads of Society and governments and regulators around the world are looking at this closely to ensure we stay close where we otherwise cannot.  These are interesting times for telecoms. More soon.