I had a wonderful evening at the women in Islamic and ethical finance event at CMS this evening discussing "how ethical is artificial intelligence?"  I learnt a lot about Sharia and how it influences AI ethics. 

Here are some snippets from the event

"Artificial intelligence starts with no ethics, it is the role of the creator to provide the constraints and training data that become the ethics of the AI engine."

"Big dangers in respect of AI are competence and boundaries. You need skilled people developing AI and you need to instil the right culture into these teams. You also need to work out what could go wrong and how badly. This way appropriate constraints can be put on the actions of the AI engine and, whilst constraints may limit the usefulness, the impact of incorrect AI decision making can be limited."

"AI is of the biggest danger to those that fail to adapt. This is the most important mindset to give your kids"

"AI is much more than technology. It will reshape the labour market and automate a lot of tasks. To ensure we make the most of it, we need to ensure we build a diverse workforce, we create tools to deal with job losses and we put ethics, privacy an equality front and centre of whatever we do."