Often people ask for examples of what AI can do and how it is going to change our lives.  There are examples of AI being used today in radiology, advertising, facial recognition, healthcare and for many narrow tasks where predictions or decisions are to be made using large quantities of data.  But it can be difficult to understand how influential AI technology is going to be when we start from those narrow examples.

A person who knows about AI is Kai-Fu Lee, chairman of a venture capital firm and previously president of Google China.  Kai-Fu Lee worked in AI at Microsoft, SGI and Apple through his career.   Kai-Fu Lee thinks that AI will be able to "take over the execution of tasks that meet two criteria: they can be optimized using data, and they do not require social interaction".  Kai-Fu Lee is saying that AI will be able to do everything humans need except for social interaction.  He says that "for all of AI's astounding capabilities, the on thing that only humans can provide turns out to also be exactly what is most needed in our lives: love."  He believes that we need to make a synthesis between AI's ability to think and human being's ability to love. 

Kai-Fu Lee goes on to argue in his book  "AI super-powers China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order" that we will eventually need to have a special form of universal basic income in the future when AI becomes highly evolved.  He clearly believes that AI, although it is implemented in narrow forms at present, has huge potential and will change our world.