A recent blog post by the Information  Commissioners Office (the regulator upholding the interests of the public with regard to data) identifies AI topics that business is finding challenging with regard to regulation.

One of the topics concerns having "a human in the loop" which means including human review and/or input in a process carried out by an AI system.  The GDPR has provisions concerning decisions made solely by AI systems and often it is challenging for businesses seeking to use AI systems to understand how to comply by adding a human in the loop.  

If a human is introduced into the loop should the human be an expert who understands how the AI system works or is it possible to use a novice human in the loop?  It could be challenging for a novice human to properly check a decision made by an AI system.  It could also be very difficult for consumers to check that a human in an AI decision making loop was actually effective or simply cursory. 

Other points were raised by businesses as indicated in the quote below.