We will all remember the cyber attack which hit the NHS in 2017. The thought of all of your computers being frozen and all of your data being encrypted is scary for any businesses. 

Dealing with a cyber attack is stressful and time consuming but it can also be incredibly costly as orders may get lost and client work cannot be done. With any attack also comes obligations to the ICO regarding the data which is held by your business. 

Within the cyber response unit at CMS we are seeing a variety of new and sophisticated ways in which the attackers are infultrating systems. We are working with clients to minimise the impact of an attack and get them up and running again as soon as possible.

Without up to date cyber security and training for staff all businesses are vulnerable and at risk. The warning to all is that this is now big business for organised crime and they are creating new ways to get ransomware onto your servers. It is important to take all of the precautions which are available to you and have well thought out plans if the attackers do find a way through.