And so the year ends with yet some more news on the fibre front. What was a nacking trend at the start of the year is now confirmed as an entrenched direction towards infrastructure for the alnets.

The UK market is unique because it is so underdeveloped with only 5% of the territory covered and so there is huge needs for capital investment.

Fibre and the fibre network building is often compared with utilities. And this last acquisition from Infracapital of the SSE telecom spin off sits firmly within this vision.

CityFibre, Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, WightFibre, only a few names of altnets making headlines in the UK this year, having secured capital (on the equity and debt front) to continue making meaningful deployment on the territory.

And there are many others (including start-ups) pressing at the door and looking at sustainable green field solutions or intense urban environment solutions. 2019 promises to be another grand cru.

And on this note, Happy New Year all!