It is fair to say that, along with Blockchain and Smart Cities, AI has been one of the most used buzzwords in the United Arab Emirates in 2018. In this recent article in The National, the overriding message is that, despite the great deal of buzz, 2018 has not been the best year for AI. In contention with this conclusion, there are ongoing news stories that show AI is continuing to be implemented in all aspect of our lives and there is no sign of a slowdown in this area and instead, we are all becoming more accustomed to AI technology as it is increasingly forms part of our everyday lives. 

During the course of 2018, the use of AI has been increasingly incorporated into the world of professional world. There has been much speculation, especially in the legal market, as to what the future of AI and its use within the legal industry means for the future of lawyers. Based on the information available to date, it seems most likely that there will continue to be a place in the market for AI, especially in areas such as large scale document review exercises and other more administrative style tasks. As more law firms embrace this exciting technology and continue to work closely with both small and large scale developers, we expect to see more tailored AI solutions in the legal space. 

What is clear is that, 2019 is gearing up to be an exciting year for the region, especially given Microsoft’s recent launch of ‘Make your Wish’ campaign across the Middle East. This initiative calls on individuals and organisations of all sizes to share their ideas about the possibilities of AI. This most recent initiative is on trend with AI being seen as a key driver for growth in the region. With AI set to contribute US$182 billion boost to the United Arab Emirates economy by 2035, we are looking forward to exciting developments and launches in this space throughout the next 12 months.