Why did you not tell me your data center was at risk of flooding?

According to the Uptime Institute's latest report, many existing data centers are not built to withstand the most severe risks of climate change.

As highlighted in our recent "Risk, Resilience and Reputation" conference, undertaking sufficient due diligence on your suppliers is a critical part of managing operational risk.   And the risk doesn't stop at the data center's door - the equipment and capabilities of networks, colocation , utilities, infrastructure and other suppliers may also be affected.

Similarly BCDR plans audits/reviews need to include consideration of the impact of any changes in climate change models.  

The Institute's recommendations include:

  • Climate change discussions and updates should be included in periodic resiliency reviews, as part of near-term and long-term threat assessments
  • Data center operators should be prepared to identify and articulate climate change impacts and risk to internal and external customers
  • Some existing facilities may not be able to be retrofitted/refurbished to fully address the threat.  Facilities must be assessed on a site-by-site basis
  • Businesses may need to adopt multi-site and / or application resiliency models to shift IT load to out-of-risk area facilities