Ours is a brave new world... Like never again have we been connected, been able to communicate, share information and access materials at incredible speed.

But there are challenges coming with this privilege.

Infrastructural challenges and the building of a network actually able to withstand the crave for connectivity make the news daily.

At the other hand of the spectrum, there are huge investment required for cyber security.

We can develop self driving cars and put together a network to support these, but what is the use if even an unsophisticated cyber attacker can hack the system and cause a crash.

The avegare household cyber protection is insufficient. If the constant reports on misuse of data, etc. was not enough, the recent report from BBC reporter Jo Whalley regarding her misadventure with sextortion is chilling.

This is a real problem and there is a need for engineering solutions and investment.

Thank fully, a few companies and even Sir Tim Berners-Lee are putting their heads together to find solutions. In the attached article, Jonathan Margolis ponders whether consumers will bite... Well, I for one will !