As an afficionada of all things blockchain and crypto currency, I was recently intringued by the Coin Corner ad spread on the tube's walls recently.

The lure of quick gain is attractive and the threat to traditional payment method is real. The fact that your Joe Blog customer is now targeted is testament to that. But beware, Joe Blog, of the small print at the bottom of the ad and beware the gold rush speculative fever too (as the recent rises and falls in Bitcoin value shows).

Meanwhile, is the general public interest showing that it is now time for Central Banks to react and enter officially this market? There is hesitation as to whether to do so or not but their monopoly of official supplier of money is being challenged.

On Wednesday, co-ordinating with an IMF discussion paper, Head of IMF Christine Lagarde encouraged Central Banks to do so and at least investigate seriously the supply money to the digital economy. One of the aim is to avoid that "too much power could fall into the hands of a small number of outsized private payment providers".

While we wait for "will they, won't they", there is not a day without cryptocurrency news; but this is such a young market that one is struck by how erratic valuations of currencies and companies dealing with such currencies are. The recent reports regarding crypto mining company Bitmain's profits in the wake of its IPO filing is just another example.

And if it is not confusing enough, there are now private currencies coming up, like that created Initiativ Q, which are no longer using blockchain. But Qs are available on invitation only.

So much for Brenda to think about...