Some more exciting news in the fibre sector with the investment by Mubadala Investment Company into the growing Hyperoptic.

Fibre companies are all the buzz these days as they are an integral part of the future of telecommunication and an essential piece in the 5G jigsaw.

Ultrafast broadband is required to manage the gigabites required to quench the increasing thirst for digital, from internet, to streaming and virtual reality. And fibre delivers.

In the UK, full-fibre is still out of reach for a large number of households but the government as set in July a target for the entire UK to be full fibre by 2033. And hungry companies like Hyperoptic, Gigaclear and CityFibre are challenging the establishment.

As per a few recent notes, this is not just the Western world but also a crucial part for the development in poorer regions and to improve conditions in remote areas.

This is not just telecom, this is infrastructure akin to utilities and this can be seen by the nature of the investors in those companies.  As traditional infrastructure investments are dwindling, infra funds are looking at the next best project, and with billions of capex investment at stake, telecom infrastructure is the perfect candidate.

No doubt more news to look forward to!