In the original Star Wars movie in 1976, Luke Skywalker finds  a holographic recording of Princess Leia in R2D2. At the time this seemed like a world away in the future... But this world is now.

Education like many services is being disrupted by technology and educational institutions are trying to keep up and embrace technology to develop their curriculum.

But it is not just the top business schools doing it. Some government are looking at technology to improve access to education to their whole population.

In Malaysia, YTL has been work to develop telecommunication infrastructure backed by cloud technologies to equalise access to education and curriculum and teaching materials (for teachers and students) so that from the heart of cities to the most remote fishing village each child can get a good education.

For this is not just about the swanky technology holographic or otherwise, telecom infrastructure will be required to deliver the gigabites necessary to enable digital education of quality. 

Another practical example of the need to build our connectivity network.