Since 2016 the London Stone was moved from its original site to the Museum of London pending construction work but now it is back in its original spot, right opposite our offices.

Beyond the superstition attached to good luck being brought back, the stone and the Mythraneum beautifully preserved in the new Bloomsberg Building are a great reminder in these times of turmoil and doubt that London and the City have thrived for centuries and survived crises after crises.

It is also a reminder that to move forward it is important to be grounded in the pact too. The accelerating pace of innovation and technological change can be a good thing if we do not lose our values.

It is interesting that almost at the same time as the stone has been placed back, the Telecom Infra Project Summit is being held in London at the ExCel Centre. So from the old to the future.

All the talk is the next connectivity generation and the infrastructure investments required not just to give connectivity to those who do not have access but to improve the experience for those who do.

Live internet usage requires on average 12mbps, videos 25mbps and VR 600mbps, so there is a need for gigabites to support the users' thirst.

Latest mobile technology could support this. Spectrum is being auctioned and various allocation models explored. But there is a need of infrastructure investments and here solutions are being explored by the industry to find deployments that are less capex intensive than fibre or that are compatible with fibre to create a powerful fast network with lower latency, mainly using millimeter waves and pole equipments.

Trials in continental Europe and Asia have proved successful and lessons for wider deployments are being learnt.

For a dense City like London this is a window into the future where connectivity is key to a thriving digital economy. Between technology and having the Stone back, the future is bright!