I confess that my morning routine includes a scroll through my Insta feed, a check of direct messages (DMs), and a quick look at my analytics which detail engagement levels, audience demographics, post views and post reach. I don't post pictures of myself on Insta for the most part - my account is dedicated to my sausage dog, Mildred. In that respect, I post the same "thing" (but she is a real child!) every day, documenting her life. Her account and fanbase is actually surprisingly active.

It still came as a surprise to me though to read about Instagram accounts which post the exact same photo every single day. We're sometimes talking photos of the same inanimate object, or a D list celebrity. I know about obsessive fan accounts which re-post images of favourite celebrities - Harry from One Direction, whoever is on Strictly this season etc - but these tend to at least have a narrative about the comings and goings of said celebrity. What is even more of a surprise to me is that the follower count of these repetitive accounts can be into the hundreds of thousands, and therefore they are being monetised. Upon reflection, this strategy makes sense.

Unlike product placement in a photo, which is the most common form of influencer marketing, another way for brands to boost their visibility online and drive traffic in their direction (one direction?) is through "shout outs" (being mentioned and tagged in the caption that accompanies the photo). Some accounts that post the same photo every day are therefore also open for business and sponsored posts. Who knew? We are potentially talking big bucks as even an account with 10k followers could charge around £100 for a normal product placement post. Both the user and brand still have to be careful about advertising laws though.

Maybe I should set up a new account and just post the same photo of Mildred every day. She'd probably thank me for not making her sit still for the camera constantly!