It wasn't all that long ago that gamers had only their mate sitting next to them or the console to compete against when playing their favourite sports computer game. Then, with access to the web, the competition expanded across the globe with gamers able to compete with people they would never meet other than as an opponent on the virtual pitch.

Now Esports is a world known concept with world championships and individuals recognised amongst their peers for their videogame prowess on the virtual pitch. Business and sports bodies are catching on to what is the big thing in the sports world at the moment.

Never one to get left behind, the Premier League has launched its own Esports league, the ePremier League, which will begin in January 2019 with players competing against each other on Fifa 2019, with the final in March 2019 to be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

Esports will never replace the real thing but it allows those who could never dream of a career in professional sport to experience the thrill of competition in the gaming world and enjoy some of the celebrity which goes with being the world's best.