Chilli, paprika, Greek yogurt and a squeeze of lime and you can transform a delicious avocado into a breakfast of champions. So what right does Costa Coffee have in critiquing the super hipster / super food avocado? Well according to the ASA, none!

Following a recent advert where Costa compared the experience of eating a greasy bacon roll with a delicious avocado on toast (to the detriment of the avocado), the great British public (well just 2 people) went mad and complained to their regulator (the ASA), that the advert discouraged people from eating fresh fruit.

The ASA chose the Avocado and Costa was told that the advert must not appear again in its current form.

On a serious note though, the adjudication is a reminder that to be subject to an ASA review your advert need be complained about by just one individual.

Avocado 1 v 0 Bacon