Anyone who is involved in tech work or is obsessed with the tech world (including me) tends to forget that there is a big part of the world in which tech, and particularly the internet, has not yet penetrated.  The Internet Trends Reports shows us, year on year, how far we have come.  I think, though, it also shows us how far there is to go.

The report shows that over half of the world's population (3.6 billion people) has internet access.  This leaves the other half who do not - an enormous disadvantage for those without the access.  It may be argued that those without access have better things to worry about but access to a global communication network is likely to be important to long term health and wealth.

The report also shows that 13% of retail purchases happend online.  Only 13%?!  I cannot remember the last time I went into a shop to buy something other than food.  It all gets delivered and I buy it at odd hours online.  Yet, plenty of people don't do that.  There is still a massive market opportunity for any online retailer.

So, a brave new world we live in.  However, much yet to see and do . . .