Despite the mind-blowing advancements in technology we are witnessing, the age-old problem of underrepresentation of women in tech still exists. Even as a tech-savvy child, I don't remember a career in tech, or indeed science, being presented as an option. I was the creative, mouthy, argumentative one so off I was bundled to read law! While that all panned out nicely for me, there absolutely needs to be a shift to recognise that tech is inherently creative and better signposting of roles available within the sector.

In the legal sphere, we have seen gender imbalance issues too but the industry has come on leaps and bounds. Law firms, including CMS, are thinking far more creatively and widening the talent pool we tap into. Part of that includes going into schools and demystifying the law.

Demystifying tech and getting coding on the core curriculum is critical.

On a related note, over 50% of my 16 colleagues made up to partner in our recent round are female. Congrats team!